Harsiddhi Temple Ujjain is one of the ancient places of India

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Ujjain situated splendid Shri Harsiddhi Temple is one of the ancient places of India and it is the 13th Shaktipeeth among the 51 Shaktipeeths of Mata Sati.

According to the mythological references once Dakshraj, father of Mata Sati, organized a Yajna (Yagya in Sanskrit) where he invited all the Devis and Devas (Gods) but he didn’t invite Mata Sati and lord Shiva. Still Mata Sati attended that yajna. There Mata Sati saw that Dakshraj was insulting his husband lord Shiva. Seeing this she got angry and jumped into the Agnikund (Hearth). Knowing this lord Shiva became irate and started touring the whole world with the body of Mata Sati. Seeing lord Shiva in such condition the whole world surrounded with chaos. In a distraught state, devas approached lord Vishnu and began praying to remove this adversity. Then for disillusioning of lord Shiva with the body of Mata Sati, lord Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra (a spinning disc like weapon). The chakra caused Mata Sati’s body to be fragmented. Among them, 13th fragment in the form of elbow of Mata Sati fell down at this place of Ujjain. Since then Maa Harsiddhi enshrined here in the form of a temple.

From the pages of history it is revealed that Maa Harsiddhi devi was the deity, the supreme being of Samrat Vikramaditya and known by the name ‘Mangalchandiki’ in ancient time. King Vikramaditya used to worship devi Harsiddhi and dedicated his head around eleven times in the feet of Maa Harsiddhi but the divine mother again brought him to life. This king Vikramaditya was the emperor of Ujjain who was known for his intellect, valour and nobleness. Vikram Samvat calendar is started by the name of this Raja Vikramaditya.

Shri Harsiddhi temple is situated in between Mahakal in the east and Ramghat in the west. Harsiddhi Shaktipeeth of Ujjain which is congregated with devotees all year round is a big source of energy and power. This place is of special significance for Tantra performers and Yogis that is also mentioned in the spiritual and mythological history of Ujjain.The festival of Navratri is celebrated here with great splendour and belief. Many lamps and candles (Diyas) are flamed which create a tremendous and divine scene. Maa Harsiddhi fulfills the desires of all those devotees and pilgrims who come into the temple with full faith and paid their deep obeisance to the divine mother.

In front of the Garbhgriha (Adytum) of Harsiddhi temple in assemblage hall there is a ‘Shree Yantra’. It is said that it’s a divine Shree Yantra and merely by its Darshan one can get the virtues. In the holy premises of the temple there is also a temple of lord Shiva namely Karkotkeshvar Mahadev which is one among the Chourasi Mahadevas and where it is the belief of people that Kalsarp Dosha is eliminated here. In the centre of the temple premises two seamless flames keep illuminating whose Darshan are pleasurable for the devotees. In all the four directions of the temple premises there are four entry gates and inside the main entry gate in front of the Harsiddhi assemblage hall there are two pillars adorned with lamps that display their brilliance after being lit. Hundreds of lamps burning simultaneously create an environment of unexplained splendour, especially on Navratri, the nine day festival celebrated in the month of October /November dedicated to Goddess Durga. These pillars are the unique feature of this temple which belongs to the era of Maratha. According to the astrologists, the temple has been nominated as Shaktipeeth. This nomination is – Name of place is Ujjain, name of Shakti is Mangalchandiki and name of Bhairav is Kapilambar. In the centre of this ancient temple there is a holy stone which is covered with the layers of turmeric and vermillion and it is the center of belief for many people.

Harsiddhi Mandir is situated at Harsiddhi marg near Mahakal temple. City bus is available to come here and almost all the pilgrims who visit Mahakal temple also come here and take Darshan benefits to fulfill their desires and purify their souls.

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