Dhoondeshvar Mahadev, One of the Chourasi Mahadevas in Ujjain

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Dhundeshvar Mahadev temple is situated near the famous Ramghaat of Avantika at the upper portion of a hospice. According to the mythological beliefs there was a figurehead on Kailash Parvat of name Dhoondh and he was amorous and unrighteous. One day he went to the court (Durbar) of Indra and beaten Rambha with flowers. Seeing this Indra cursed him due to which he collapsed unconsciously in the Mrityuloka. When he became conscious then he regretted and started to meditate over Mahendra Parvat (mountain). Even after doing penance when he couldn’t get the requisite powers he relinquished all his doings. Then a prediction took place that go to the Mahakal Van (forest), all deeds will be accomplished there. He approached the Mahakal Van and Darshan the divine Shiv linga. The divine Linga got pleased by his meditation and adoration and said him to grant boon. Then Dhoondh asked that my name let be recognized by your name. Since then that linga became famous by the name of Dhundeshvar Mahadev. One can attain the path of heaven by worshipping Dhundeshvar Mahadev. According to the Rudra Deva Dhundeshvar Mahadev is Heaven granting and Sins removing lord.

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