Shri Chintaman Ganesh Temple, Ujjain

In Chintaman Ganesh, the well-known temple of Avantika, the Idol of the three forms of lord Shri Ganesha is very ancient and this idol is one among the Shat Vinayaks (6 different idols of lord Ganesha) established by Mata Sita.

One among the Chourasi Mahadev of Ujjain, Agastyeshvar Mahadev

One among the Chourasi Mahadev of Ujjain, Agastyeshvar Mahadev temple is situated behind Harsiddhi temple in the premises of Santoshi Mata temple. According to the mythological references when the Demons vanquished the Devas then disappointed Devas go on an expedition across the earth.

Dhoondeshvar Mahadev, One of the Chourasi Mahadevas in Ujjain

Dhundeshvar Mahadev temple is situated near the famous Ramghaat of Avantika at the upper portion of a hospice. According to the mythological beliefs there was a figurehead on Kailash Parvat of name Dhoondh and he was amorous and unrighteous. One day he went to the court (Durbar) of Indra and beaten Rambha with flowers.

Harsiddhi Temple Ujjain is one of the ancient places of India

According to the mythological references once Dakshraj, father of Mata Sati, organized a Yajna (Yagya in Sanskrit) where he invited all the Devis and Devas (Gods) but he didn’t invite Mata Sati and lord Shiva. Still Mata Sati attended that yajna. There Mata Sati saw that Dakshraj was insulting his husband lord Shiva.


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